Contact the Watershed Work Group

Here are the staff assisting the Watershed Work Group. You may contact them directly by clicking on their email or you send a message below.

Don Brigham

Don Brigham

Project Coordinator

Don is a land use planner and landscape architect with over 35 years of experience assisting communities throughout eastern Washington.  Email

Kim Lyonnais

Kim Lyonnais

Director of Planning & Building

Kim graduated from North Central High School in Spokane before Washington became a state.  In his free time, he hangs with his grandchildren and works to keep his golf handicap under 5.  Email

Greg Abramson

Senior Planner

Greg’s biggest career challenge is pretending to enjoy hearing about Kim’s golf games.  Email

Columbia County Planning Department

To access Columbia County’s Planning Department web site, click the button below.  The site provides information on zoning, subdivision regulations, the comprehensive plan as well as application forms.